Virtual Environments for Personal and Social Development


Xenodu Virtual Environments are immersive media systems designed for a wide range of clients in the Health and Learning sectors.

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Health - as interactive virtual environments systems to assist cognitive behavioural therapy for anxiety disorders and learning disabilities.

Learning - as experiential social, emotional and behavioural learning environments for training and education using interactive role-play to develop skills through systematic rehearsal in simulated social situations.


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The UK national press have been reporting on our innovative virtual therapy system for social anxiety and learning disabilities, developed through new research by the University of East Anglia with the NHS (National Health Service).

This research has found that people with social anxiety and learning disabilities can be helped to overcome their fears and learn appropriate social skills by viewing themselves taking part in a range of virtual scenarios.

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Virtual environments technology being trialled at an NHS inpatient mental health clinic - ITV News reports




360° Panoramic Video


Our novel use of 360° panoramic video with the latest generation of virtual reality headsets allows participants to experience the realistic ambience of real-life locations and can be designed to feature emotionally stimulating and complex scenarios with advanced interactivity.

Virtual reality headsets allow participants to seamlessly look around the virtual world just as they would in real life, providing an approximately 100° field of view, stretching the virtual world beyond the peripheral vision.

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'Out-Of-Body' Virtual Experiences

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Our innovative PISCES solution differs from the first-person perspective used in other virtual reality technologies since participants are able to view themselves interacting in real-time, from a unique 'out-of-body' perspective, immersed in a range of custom-designed interactive virtual environments.

This highly engaging effect is achieved through the combination of state-of-the-art computer vision techniques and novel interactive technologies to provide a more natural and versatile way of experiencing immersive media.

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