Virtual Reality Headsets


Xenodu offers virtual environments design services for use with the latest generation of virtual reality headsets which allow participants to seamlessly look around the virtual world just as they would in real life, providing an approximately 100° field of view, stretching the virtual world beyond the peripheral vision.

Virtual reality headsets are becoming increasingly popular in the games and entertainment industries driving development to make them lighter and more comfortable to wear and can now interface with a range of interactive devices such as PCs, laptops or mobile phones.

The experience offered by a virtual reality headset offers the user a first-person perspective on a virtual world by tracking their head movements in three dimensional space, allowing experiences such as playing panoramic video content in 360°.

Virtual reality headsets are ideal for applications where a highly immersive and individual user-experience is required.

With its more open-aspect setup, our third-person perspective PISCES solution is optimised for shared interaction within a large group of participants.

Read more about our PISCES technology here.


360° Panoramic Video


360° panoramic video enables participants to experience the realistic ambience of real-life locations and can be designed to feature emotionally stimulating and complex scenarios with advanced interactivity.

Virtual characters can also be featured through the filming of actors in a blue screen studio to portray the subtle nuances of body language and communication.

360° video environments can be displayed in 'cave' projection setups, on a computer monitor, TV, smartphone or tablet but the head tracking capabilities of virtual reality headsets offer a unique opportunity for a highly immersive first-person experience.

For more information on the production of 360° video environments and integration with a range of interactive devices and displays please get in touch here.


Computer-Generated 3D Virtual Environments


Xenodu offers specialist development of 3D virtual environments for use with virtual reality headsets and can have the advantage of visualising locations which are perhaps too difficult to film with a video camera and can also offer fine control over any element in the environment.

Alternatively, filming real-life 360° video environments has the advantage of providing more detailed and realistic ambiences, particularly when visualising complex social settings. This approach can also be significantly more cost-effective due to the reduced development times involved.

Some examples of our use of 3D virtual environments include simulating the experience of competing in an Olympic stadium and velodrome well before these facilities were constructed or in exploring visualisations of historical architecture for heritage projects.

For the development of virtual environments to assist NHS (National Health Service, UK) in the treatment of social phobias through controlled exposure therapy, filming real-life environments in busy social settings proved to be more suitable. Filming at different locations and at different times of day enabled simulated social experiences with various intensities and scene ambience to be introduced gradually to patients under a therapist's guidance without ever leaving the safety of the therapist's office.

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