Hilton turns to VR to build empathy between its hotel teams (incl. video)

“Hilton, a household name in the hospitality industry, has adopted [VR] to ingrain empathy among its corporate employees.

A selection of the hotel firm’s corporate employees will go through simulations training where they will be performing the tasks of those on the hotel floors day to day, like doing visitors’ laundry, serving food and beverages, servicing boiler rooms, and pitching sales proposals to clients.

With 360-degree video and 3-dimensional computer graphics, employees will be put in the shoes of housekeeping staff or the front desk clerk, and experience what it’s like to clean guest rooms and prepare room service trays.”

Image & Video: Oculus

By Adlina AR at Techwire Asia

Read more: https://techwireasia.com/amp/2020/03/hilton-turns-to-vr-to-build-empathy-between-its-hotel-teams/