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Researchers are using VR to help teachers understand autism (incl. video)

“Researchers [at the University of Malta] are using VR as an empathy tool to help neurotypical teachers understand their students with autism.

The researchers created a VR application that would help replicate the experience of an autistic child in their classroom, by the use of audio and visual tricks.

The person from whose perspective the film is shot sometimes doesn’t fully process stimuli, and a sense of distress is conveyed by a blurring of peripheral vision.”

By Rachel Kaser at The Next Web

Image: University of Malta

Read more: https://thenextweb.com/virtual-reality/2018/04/05/researchers-using-vr-help-teachers-understand-autism/

10 ways virtual reality is revolutionizing medicine and healthcare

  Image: Nick Statt/CNET

“Scientists and medical professionals have been at the drawing board for years now, developing and implementing virtual reality in ways that can help them train, diagnose, and treat in myriad situations.

Here are just ten of the use cases that are currently in practice and continually developing as the technology itself develops too.”

  1. Exposure therapy
  2. Treatment for PTSD
  3. Pain management
  4. Surgical training
  5. Phantom limb pain
  6. Brain damage assessment and rehabilitation
  7. Social cognition training for young adults with autism
  8. Meditation
  9. Opportunities for the disabled
  10. Opportunities for the homebound

              By Erin Carson at Tech Republic

              Read more: http://www.techrepublic.com/article/10-ways-virtual-reality-is-revolutionizing-medicine-and-healthcare/