Experiential Learning Environments


Xenodu systems are being used for training and education as a media-driven learning tool to support social, emotional and behavioural development by various organisations ranging from schools, colleges and universities to the NHS (National Health Service, UK).

By providing an audio-visual resource of experiential learning environments, our systems have proven effective in engaging learners with a fun and interactive approach to social and emotional development with noticeable improvements particularly in learners’ confidence and self-esteem.

Positive, measurable effects on learning outcomes have consistently been achieved using Xenodu systems, as well as providing support for other subjects within educational programmes.

Outcomes for Learners:
• Developing confidence and self-esteem by working with and in front of peers.
• Gives every learner a chance to shine.
• Highlights and celebrates personal goals and achievements.
• Offers learners the opportunity to put forward their own point of view.

Jane Rolph, Headteacher at Chapel Break Infant School, Norfolk said; “It has created another dimension for children's experiences and learning, bringing ideas and imagination to life. The impact on our childrens' writing, speaking and listening has been immense."

Bridget O'Brien, Head of Drama at Caister High School, Specialist Performing Arts College, Norfolk said; "The students have thoroughly enjoyed being able to see themselves appear immediately in another environment and explore the ways they can interact with the scene in the moment."

Our work in the Health sector with NHS has included interactive learning projects to both protect and promote public health and to develop the communication skills of NHS staff. For more information please click here.


Norfolk County Council Children's Services


Just Imagine was a unique project developed and led by Norfolk County Council's Children's Services Department in partnership with Xenodu and was awarded the prestigious London 2012 Education Inspire Mark. The project celebrated the power of the imagination to support achievement and aspiration by giving Norfolk school pupils and their teachers a chance to imagine they were participating in the London 2012 Olympic Games.

Just Imagine made use of the latest video special effects technology to create a virtual backdrop that made it seem as if students were participating in the Olympic and Paralympic Games. Whilst running along a virtual track, students made their pledge for 2012, which were based along the values of the Olympic and Paralympic Games – which included courage, respect and determination.

The resulting material was featured on the Norwich BBC Big Screen and published on a series of DVDs containing all of the students' pledges.

A teacher at Heacham Junior School, King's Lynn, Norfolk said; "It was great for the children to use the technology as it was an experience we would not have been able to provide for ourselves."

Flynn, Age 10 Pupil at Heacham Junior School, King's Lynn, Norfolk said; "I really liked working with the technology - it was amazing what you could do!"

Year 8 pupil Tristan at East Norfolk Playing for Success Associate Centre in Great Yarmouth, said; "Being involved in Just Imagine has changed my life! I am now more independent. I will be 13 in June and I think it is important that I am able to be a normal person, and do things like everyone else. Now I have confidence to conquer my fears. In fact - I have no more fears! I have become stronger and more determined to achieve in my life. I am now getting higher marks for effort in school. I used to give up easily, but now that is a thing of the past."

Working with Norfolk County Council's Family Learning Programme as part of their Family Literacy courses in First Schools, Xenodu systems have also been used by families to explore storyboards, characterisation, creative writing and storytelling through creating virtual backdrops and using props such as masks or puppets and costumes to act out different roles.

Learners have enrolled on the family learning workshops to engage with literacy, language and numeracy and have used our technologies to create a unique record of their work to take home on DVD. The programmes are designed to enhance parental involvement with children’s learning, development and behaviour.

Daryl Ackroyd, Learning Manager at Norfolk County Council Family Learning said; "Video special effects is a new and very exciting experience and children and adults have enjoyed the brilliant technology."

Sally Wilson-Town, Headteacher at Costessey Infant School, Norwich said; "The green screen sessions were much enjoyed by all. It would be really good to offer it to parents and children as it would fit in brilliantly with our extended schools work."


Interactive Video Booths


Developed in collaboration with BBC Norfolk, our interactive video booths have recorded participants' thoughts and feelings on a range of issues and have aquired somewhat of a cult status whilst touring to various public spaces around the UK.

Through the use of motion sensor controllers, our video booths provided a fully-automated experience, similar to stepping into the diary room of Big Brother, bringing the participants' interactions to life, stimulating intimate and honest exploration of ideas and opinions.

In collaboration with BBC Norfolk, cinema goers visiting Odeon cinemas were invited by one of our video booths (which housed the voice of Dave a.k.a. Digital Audio Visual Experience) to talk about films they had seen recently with other surprise appearances including visits to public libraries, exhibitions, events and various schools and colleges.

BBC Voices producer Gary Standley said "Dave creates virtual environments and when you enter, it is like being transported to another world. Dave may want to chat, but at other times you can just sit back and let Dave take you on a relaxing journey".

BBC Northern Ireland's video booth (Alfie a.k.a. Artificial Life Form Interactive Experience) has toured to the Ulster Museum in Belfast and other public spaces for key events and issues such as education, policing, sport, culture, politics and community development as well as being used as a sustainable way to gather content for BBC broadcasts.

Students at City Academy in Norwich have been taking a creative approach to learning through using one of our video booths to share their thoughts whilst immersed in a virtual world.

Likened to a "Big Brother diary room", the pod has proven popular with young students who have been queuing up to engage with poetry through its 32" screen and surround-sound audio.

Year 9 student, Ellie Ireland, describes her experience; "Sometimes poetry can be mega-boring but the pod is a fun, modern way to learn, understand and enjoy poetry. Stepping inside the black pod of wonder feels like stepping into the diary room of Big Brother. It really does bring poetry to life and allows you to explore poetry in a way you never have before: interpreting feelings and meanings. As soon as you step in, a sensor is activated and a voice starts talking to you. You get asked questions about what you think of the poetry and how you feel about learning new poems. Who would have thought teenagers would be queuing up to learn about poetry?"

Nigel Youngman, Vice Principal at City Academy Norwich said; "This has been an exciting opportunity for us to look at the power of technology in helping our pupils to explore creativity. Working with new technologies gives our pupils wonderful possibilities and with Digital Technology as our specialism, it is precisely the sort of creative project we should be doing."

Working with Norwich Castle Museum as part of their £12m development plan to transform the Castle Keep, one of our video booths housed the ghost of King Henry I who asked visitors of all ages for their help to turn his castle into the magnificent royal palace it was back in his time.

More than 250 people took part and their responses have helped shape ideas to transform the whole visitor experience.

Angela Riley, Project Officer, Keep Project said “Using the video booth as a form of consultation was a new experience for Norfolk Museums Service. It proved to be a really effective way to interact with our visitors, particularly our younger ones, to gather ideas for how we can improve the Castle experience through our development project. The booth created quite a buzz during a busy summer holiday period and the responses were just fantastic!”


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BBC Virtual Newsreading


Xenodu systems have been used extensively at regional events throughout the UK by various clients such as BBC to engage members of the public with a wide range of custom-designed interactive virtual experiences. Other events projects have included social marketing campaigns for NHS as well as various national heritage and culture projects.

Virtual Newsreading experiences created for BBC Suffolk, BBC Norfolk and BBC Northern Ireland toured to events including the Royal Norfolk Show and Suffolk Show and gave members of the public and local school pupils the opportunity to present the news alongside BBC news presenters or present the BBC weather forecast.


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