Specialist Software Solutions


Xenodu Personify lets you create and record interactive virtual experiences with a few clicks and works with any existing media content using the latest depth sensor cameras (such as the Microsoft Kinect for Windows Sensor).

This specially customised interactive installation-based software is designed exclusively for use in the health sector as a video capture and interaction tool for psychological therapies and in the learning sector as an experiential learning tool, to support social, emotional and behavioural development through role-play.

Xenodu Personify can be described as 'virtual green screen technology' which replaces the user's background without the need of a green screen by using state-of-the-art computer vision techniques to extract the user from any background in real-time. The user's image is then overlaid on a background of their choice: desktop, video, web pages, a slideshow of images or a PowerPoint presentation.

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Custom-Designed Hardware


Xenodu systems typically feature our special custom-designed PISCES camera unit with integrated video effects processor which automatically combines the participant's image with bespoke interactive video backgrounds.

These portable systems combine a green LED light ring, camera and video effects processor into one compact unit whilst storing in memory all of the preconfigured focus, white balance, exposure and effects settings to enable easy-to-use, plug-and-play operation.

The PISCES camera unit is available either with or without audio-visual accessories. PISCES camera setups have the advantage of portability and can be adapted for various spaces and for any theme imaginable.

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Interactive Installations


Our unique interactive installations enable participants to engage with a range of atmospheric virtual environments through the use of cutting-edge video special effects and surround sound audio, housed within custom-designed enclosures, which immerse the participant in real-time with specially designed interactive content.

Since our technologies are highly versatile they can be incorporated into various sizes of spaces and can be modified to feature audio-visual content for any subject imaginable.

Our installations can also, through the use of motion sensor controllers, provide a fully-automated experience, similar to stepping into the diary room of Big Brother, bringing the participant's interaction to life, stimulating intimate and honest exploration of thoughts and feelings.

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