Consultancy Services


Xenodu offers specialist consultancy services for the development of immersive virtual environments systems.

Our PISCES solution differs from the first-person perspective used in other virtual reality technologies since participants are able to view themselves interacting in real-time, from a unique 'out-of-body' perspective, immersed in a range of custom-designed interactive virtual environments.

This highly engaging effect is achieved through the combination of state-of-the-art computer vision techniques and novel interactive technologies to provide a more natural and versatile way of experiencing immersive media.

Xenodu also offers virtual environments design services for use with the latest generation of virtual reality headsets which allow the user to seamlessly look around the virtual world just as they would in real life, providing an approximately 100° field of view, stretching the virtual world beyond the peripheral vision.

Xenodu systems feature emotionally stimulating, realistic and complex interactive scenarios with advanced interactivity that can be specifically tailored to individual participant's requirements.

With the advantage of versatility, our systems can be housed in various immersive enclosures or adapted for use in any sized space or location, to feature any theme imaginable.

Available as bespoke commissions, our systems can be branded for individual project's needs and toured to various locations as part of regional, national or international initiatives.

To discuss developing a bespoke application with us please get in touch here.




Blue Screen Productions


Xenodu systems are unique also in that they are able to feature virtual characters, created by filming actors in a blue screen studio, rather than using computer-generated avatars, in order to fully capture the subtle nuances of body language and communication.

Our blue screen production services cater for complex virtual setups with large numbers of actors, carefully directed to achieve an optimised, cost-effective production flow, all pre-composited live with our virtual environments.

Being experienced in the use of studio facilities we are able to handle large-scale productions for the development of potentially hundreds of virtual environments per-project.

With precise control over lighting and sound our studio productions also make full use of the flexibility of studio facilities such as teleprompting and dressing rooms.

We have access to a large pool of trained actors nationwide with experience in studio production work and role-play.

We are able to design advanced interactivity into our productions through carefully scripted 'choose-your-own-adventure' type narratives. Since branching interactivity necessitates highly complex script writing we can provide our specialist experience and expertise in order to achieve this.

For more information on our blue screen production services please get in touch here.



Virtual Environments Design


Our virtual environments design service offers either the filming of real-life environments on-location or specialist development of 3D computer-generated environments.

The creation of 3D virtual environments has the advantage of visualising locations which are perhaps too difficult to film with a video camera and can also offer fine control over any element in the environment.

Alternatively, filming real-life environments has the advantage of providing more detailed and realistic ambiences, particularly when visualising complex social settings. This approach can also be significantly more cost-effective due to the reduced development times involved.

Some examples of our use of 3D virtual environments include simulating the experience of competing in an Olympic stadium and velodrome well before these facilities were constructed or in exploring visualisations of historical architecture for heritage projects.

For the development of virtual environments to assist NHS (National Health Service, UK) in the treatment of social phobias through controlled exposure therapy, filming real-life environments in busy social settings proved to be more suitable. Filming at different locations and at different times of day enabled simulated social experiences with various intensities and scene ambience to be introduced gradually to patients under a therapist's guidance without ever leaving the safety of the therapist's office.

For more information on our virtual environments design service please get in touch here.


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