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How Virtual Reality Could Help Diagnose Dementia – Prof Eduardo Macagno


“When diagnosing and treating memory failure, particularly disorders like dementia, doctors often assess how patients navigate exterior and interior spaces such as streets or buildings, to see how they react.

From there, they can usually see if the patient is afflicted with a disorder. But it’s tricky work finding adult sufferers of memory loss who are getting “lost” in real-time. That’s where new research utilizing virtual reality comes in to help.

The VE-HuNT System (Virtual Environment Human Navigation Task) is the research project of UC San Diego Biological Sciences Professor Eduardo Macagno, a virtual reality designer working at the intersection of architecture, neuroscience and cognitive science. ”

By DJ PANGBURN at Motherboard

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Comfortably numb: how virtual reality can soothe nervous patients (video)


“Virtual reality headsets could soon become a common sight in operating theatres after a groundbreaking experiment in Spain.

As Josefa Ramírez lay on the operating table at the Perpetuo Socorro hospital in Gran Canaria, she saw above her a night sky scene, as if looking up into the stratosphere while lying on the ground. The sounds around her were not the bustle of surgeons and nurses, but Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata, Debussy’s Clair de lune and other classical lullabies. Occasionally, the sky lit up with shooting stars and confetti blasts of fireworks.”

By Simon Parkin, The Guardian

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Why Dentists Are Using Virtual Reality As A Drug Alternative!

By Tara Long, D News

“Going to the dentist is a fear that many people share, due to the pain and discomfort during the visit! Could virtual reality be an alternative to drugs to reduce anxiety and pain during various procedures? Join Tara as she explains why this technology could soon be coming to a dentist near you!”

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Study – Clinical Use of Virtual Reality Distraction System to Reduce Anxiety and Pain in Dental Procedures – Prof Mark D. Wiederhold

“Virtual reality (VR) has been used by clinicians to manage pain in clinical populations.”

Study- The Effectiveness of Virtual Reality for Dental Pain Control: A Case Study – Dr Hunter G. Hoffman

“The present study explored whether immersive virtual reality can serve as an effective nonpharmacologic analgesic for dental pain.”

How Virtual Therapy Could Help the Military Fight PTSD (video) – Dr. Gale Lucas


“In Afghanistan, a new therapist is talking with soldiers. Her name is Ellie, she is the face of a computer program and she could be the key to identifying PTSD in America’s military.

Equipped with a Microsoft Kinect motion sensor, she nods at the right time, urges patients on with a well-timed “uh-huh,” and knows when to stop talking. A study released earlier this month found that patients were more willing to open up to Ellie than to a human therapist, mostly because they felt like they were not being judged by the computer program.”


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Research Study – Dr. Gale Lucas, The University of Southern California Institute for Creative Technologies:

The University of Southern California Institute for Creative Technologies:

Virtual Reality Is Being Used to Treat Heroin Addiction (Video) – Prof. Patrick Bordnick


“Sometimes the only way to beat your demons is to face them, even if it’s in a simulated reality.

To help people overcome drug addiction, researchers at the University of Houston’s Graduate School of Social Work are building hyper-realistic virtual worlds to recreate situations that trigger cravings for nicotine, alcohol, weed, and now, hard drugs like heroin.”

By JORDAN PEARSON at Motherboard

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University of Houston Virtual Reality Clinical Research Lab – Prof Patrick Bordnick: