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Virtual Reality helps musicians cope with performance stress (Video)


“To understand how to help aspiring soloists at the Royal College of Music develop the necessary resilience required, professor of performance science Aaron Williamon sought ideas from a field where the stakes are about as high as they can get. “Today, trainee surgeons often learn their trade in a virtual operating theatre,” he says.

“They work on mannequins with realistic-looking wounds, with just the right auditory and visual cues at the right times, to draw the surgeon into the same physical and psychological mode as in an actual operation.”

Inspired by this, he created the world’s first virtual concert hall, complete with backstage area, backstage manager and green room”.

By David Cox at The Guardian

Photo by Royal College of Music

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Virtual reality opening up new possibilities for residents in aged care


“The natural and man-made wonders of the world are now on the travel itineraries of aged care residents from Mercy Health, which is extending a new virtual lifestyle program to all of its facilities following a successful trial.

Residents are transported around the world via a new breed of virtual reality (VR) glasses that contain visual and audio content designed specifically for aged care and people with dementia.

Mercy trialled the glasses with seven residents living with dementia at Mercy Place Parkville with a six-minute helicopter ride over France, Iceland and Africa.

The virtual reality project aims to encourage discussion around reminiscence and conversation among residents and provide users with quality of life, said Karren Gooding, Mercy Health lifestyle manager.”

By Natasha Egan for Australian Ageing Agenda

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