“Virtual reality will make us more empathetic humans” says HTC’s JB McRee


“HTC’s head of virtual reality JB McRee tells [The Telegraph] about the company’s high hopes for its Vive headset in 2016.

“In the future, VR will completely rewire the way our brains learn, he enthuses, with children in schools able to slip on a headset and find themselves in the middle of a historical battle. Through this they could pick up on the emotions of the people surrounding them, something McRee describes as “very powerful”.

He describes an incident when two police officers came into the US HTC office to try Vive, and said they could imagine it would help them deal far better with difficult situations in their jobs. Another use would be to allow the public to experience the kind of dangerous and stressful situations the police are faced with each day.

“Being able to educate like that would be really, really amazing. VR will make us more empathetic. And some people get really scared when I say that, but it’s true.”

By Rhiannon Williams at The Telegraph

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