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Virtual Reality PTSD therapy gets traumatized soldiers walking toward relief


“The high-tech machine called CAREN, short for Computer-Assisted Rehabilitation Environment, is normally used to help patients with severe physical injuries learn to walk again. But in the next few weeks, the Canadian Forces hopes to use this technology to test an experimental form of psychotherapy to treat soldiers suffering Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

It’s not the first military has experimented with virtual-reality systems to treat PTSD. Advocates for soldiers and veterans don’t want to raise unreasonable hope for the new treatment, but say it’s vital mental health professionals keep exploring new ways of treating PTSD.”

By Tom Parry, CBC News

Read more: http://www.cbc.ca/m/news/politics/experimental-ptsd-therapy-gets-traumatized-soldiers-walking-toward-relief-1.3100782