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Virtual Reality Sheds Light on Learning with Autism (video) Dr. Peter Mundy


“UC Davis is using virtual reality to learn how autistic adolescents manage to think, talk and interact at the same time. They hope the study will help the estimated 740,000 autistic kids in public schools get more from the classroom.

Dr. Peter Mundy is Director of Educational Research at UC Davis’ MIND Institute. He says there’s not a wide body of knowledge about how to teach kids with autism, who pay attention to different things than other people do.

“We really have to know how those children are developing, what impedes and what facilitates their development in school,” says Mundy. He says there’s a need to “provide information that advances the ability of teachers and schools to provide the right education for [autistic] children.”

By Pauline Bartolone at Capital Public Radio

Read more: http://archive2.capradio.org/articles/2012/04/30/virtual-reality-sheds-light-on-learning-with-autism