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Virtual reality helps Chinese medicine students learn acupuncture and doctors treat cancer (incl. video)

“Chinese and Western medicine is being improved by VR applications, with acupuncture students using 3D body maps and surgeons tackling tumours conventional medicine cannot reach.

The innovative programme, which began in May, is teaching students at China’s top Chinese medicine university acupuncture using virtual reality (VR).

Their professor, Cheng Kai, said the system, BodyMap – developed by Augmented Intelligence in the American state of Virginia – can be used both on campus and remotely.”

Video & Image by South China Morning Post

By Elaine YauElaine Yau at South China Morning Post

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“The potential for using virtual reality in healthcare education is enormous, especially in teaching the humanistic skills of compassion and empathy, but to date the prohibitive cost has limited its application,” said Torbay and South Devon NHS Foundation Trust Director of Education, Dr Matt Halkes in a statement.

“However, the introduction of cardboard headsets combined with smartphones now makes it an affordable and scalable option, and has enabled us to realise our ambition of bringing virtual reality into the classroom. This opens up an entirely new field of educational delivery and it is enormously exciting to be at the forefront of its development.”

By Peter Graham at VR Focus

Image: PatientVR

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