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Dementia patients use virtual reality to relive famous 1950s moment (incl. video)

“A virtual reality project is helping elderly people with dementia by recreating moments from the 1950s.

Care home residents in Surrey have been using cardboard headsets to watch a 360-degree video immersing them in the Queen’s Coronation Day celebrations from 1953.

Anyone can experience ‘The Wayback’ film for free using a phone and a cardboard headset.”

By Gemma Evans, Sky News

Image: The Wayback and Sky News

Read more: https://news.sky.com/story/dementia-patients-use-virtual-reality-to-relive-famous-1950s-moment-11212972

Link to The Wayback project: http://thewaybackvr.com

How Virtual Reality Could Help Diagnose Dementia – Prof Eduardo Macagno


“When diagnosing and treating memory failure, particularly disorders like dementia, doctors often assess how patients navigate exterior and interior spaces such as streets or buildings, to see how they react.

From there, they can usually see if the patient is afflicted with a disorder. But it’s tricky work finding adult sufferers of memory loss who are getting “lost” in real-time. That’s where new research utilizing virtual reality comes in to help.

The VE-HuNT System (Virtual Environment Human Navigation Task) is the research project of UC San Diego Biological Sciences Professor Eduardo Macagno, a virtual reality designer working at the intersection of architecture, neuroscience and cognitive science. ”

By DJ PANGBURN at Motherboard

Read more: http://motherboard.vice.com/read/virtual-reality-to-be-used-to-treat-memory-failure-dementia