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How Virtual Reality Can Improve Patient Experience in Healthcare (Video)


“In the past year, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center launched a pilot study with devices from Samsung that aimed at easing the stress of patients staying in the hospital.

The purpose of this pilot was to test virtual reality scenarios with Cedars-Sinai patients to determine if they enjoyed VR experiences while waiting for procedures or even throughout their hospital stay as an alternative for pain relief.

Researchers were interested in learning whether these experiences would reduce patients’ pain and anxiety or improve overall satisfaction with care.”

Post on Hitconsultant.net sponsored by Samsung.

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Pain Is Not a Game, But VR Games May Help With America’s Opioid Addiction


“America has a drug problem, an ongoing opiate habit we just can’t shake. Now, to exorcise this demon, researchers are attempting to use virtual reality to treat pain—in hopes that the technique will prove as effective as it is outlandish.

Now we find ourselves in the throes of a deadly epidemic and, while doctors have begun prescribing opiates more sparingly, we still don’t have many more tools for effective pain treatment than we had in the ’80s.

A new hope may be on the horizon, though, in an unlikely guise: virtual reality.”

Image: Maureen Simmonds.

Written by BENJAMIN PERRY at Motherboard Vice

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