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Virtual Reality Shows Promise for Stroke Recovery (incl. video)


“New therapeutic devices for stroke recovery, made possible by advances in hardware and software, are transforming the typically low-tech world of stroke rehabilitation.

Recovering from a stroke can be an arduous process. A device developed by researchers at NYU’s Rusk Rehabilitation is one of many new technologies that aim to keep patients engaged and motivated.

Though the tools are still in the early stages, doctors say that they can be more motivating and engaging for patients than current standard therapies, and that they hold promise for stroke survivors who are too injured for traditional therapy.”

Photo/Video: Denise Blostein at The Wall Street Journal

Read more: http://www.wsj.com/articles/high-tech-tools-show-promise-for-stroke-recovery-1466993040

Virtual reality is helping stroke patients to walk

Image: GloveOne

“Virtual reality might be most closely associated with the world of gaming, but now the medical profession is taking note and using the technology to treat people with serious brain conditions.

One company has created a glove which works alongside virtual reality goggles to give a user a sense of texture and depth. The device, called Gloveone, slips on a person’s hand, and sensation and texture is created by a series of complex vibrations.

Any virtual situation can be created with their software, which can be used by doctors in a way that they see fit for treating a patient with conditions such as Alzheimer’s or autism.

The technology is also playing a role in helping people – such as those who have had a stroke – re-learn movements such as holding an item or walking.”

By Arjun Kharpal at CNBC News

Read more: http://www.cnbc.com/id/102716762

Virtual Reality Therapy Wows Stroke Victims (video)

Image: Wall Street Daily

“Mindmaze integrates neuroscience with VR to help victims of stroke, amputation, or spinal injuries regain motor function faster than with traditional physical therapy [using] a motion-sensing camera to project a patient’s avatar onto VR goggles.

Then, with the help of as many as 32 electrodes on the patient’s head, he/she can command his or her virtual arm or leg to move to perform a task – for example, lifting a glass or kicking a ball.

Essentially, MindMaze “tricks” a patient’s brain into re-activating damaged neurons, or activating new neurons to take over for the damaged ones.”

By Louis Basenese at Wall Street Daily

Read more: http://www.wallstreetdaily.com/2015/05/12/mindmaze-virtual-reality-therapy/

Virtual Reality Improving Lives of Stroke Survivors: Study


“Improving prospective memory – the ability to remember to perform actions in the future – was crucially important to everyday life and to the rehabilitation of stroke patients, University of Canterbury Professor Tanja Mitrovic said in a statement.”

Professor Mitrovic’s project is breaking new ground in helping patients rehabilitate faster after a stroke.

“We have developed a treatment method which improves prospective memory in stroke patients. These tests using a virtual reality environment for stroke patients to practise their cognitive skills clearly work.”

“We conducted a study which ended in October last year with 15 stroke survivors. Each participant had 10 individual sessions spread over 10 weeks. The analysis shows that the memory skills of the stroke patients we tested increased significantly,” said Mitrovic.”

By Indo-Asian News Service and University of Canterbury

Read more: http://gadgets.ndtv.com/science/news/virtual-reality-therapy-improving-lives-of-stroke-survivors-study-654322