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Watch a Mother Reunite With Her Deceased Child in VR (incl. video)

“In 2016, Jang Ji-sung’s seven-year-old daughter Nayeon died of an incurable disease.

Three years later, the South Korean mother was reunited with Nayeon — sort of — in a virtual world created for a televised documentary.

The Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation shared a clip from the special documentary, titled “I Met You,” on its YouTube page, with the footage cutting between the “real world” and the virtual one.”

By Kristin Houser for Futurism.com

Image & Video: Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation

Read more: https://futurism.com/watch-mother-reunion-deceased-child-vr

Virtual reality might relieve symptoms of cancer treatment


“The next great frontier in improving cancer treatment might be only a few clicks away.

A new paper by Antonio Giordano, director of Sbarro Health Research Organization and professor of biology at Temple, examines the existing literature on virtual reality and its use in cancer care.

All 19 studies Giordano examined show that immersing patients in virtual reality scenarios can help reduce stress in patients during treatment.

The paper concludes that in all the reviewed research, “virtual reality improved patients’ emotional well-being and diminished their cancer-related psychological symptoms.”

By Elisa Ludwig at Temple University

Image: Joseph V. Labolito

Read more: https://news.temple.edu/news/2015-10-13/virtual-reality-might-relieve-symptoms-cancer-treatment