When virtual reality promotes social good (incl. video)


“The VR experience “Perspective, Chapter 2: The Misdemeanor,” which premieres today at the Sundance Film Festival, explores an encounter between New York City police officers and two young black men.

“The idea is to really use VR for empathy,” Ryan Pulliam [co-founder and CMO of Specular Theory] said.

The [Specular Theory] series is part of a broader movement to use VR to promote social good.

AT&T, for example, partnered with animation and visual effects studio Reel FX to create a VR experience called “It Can Wait” to discourage drivers from texting while driving.

In the simulation, the viewer drives a car through residential neighborhoods and busy streets with a phone in hand, narrowly missing bicyclists, joggers and schoolchildren and ultimately causing an accident.”

By Annlee Ellingson at LA Biz

Image: Specular Theory

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